About Me

Sylvester Carolan

“Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”

~ Martin Golding


Born and raised in London, I moved to the New York in 1993 where I met my future wife Lia. We have an awesome, 8th grader, Jaiden, who keeps me laughing and loving life. I call Raleigh, North Carolina home.

Why this site?

I've been a software engineer all my life and wanted to have a place where I could experiment with different technology and interests. I didn’t really build the site for anyone accept me, so if by chance you do find something interesting, or inspiring, let me know.

What's on the site?


Since high school, I have always been drawn to mathematics. I love the way it describes the world in both its simplicity, and complexity. Mathematics was the springboard for computer science for me, from my very first ZX81. You’re bound to come across multiple articles, references and links to all things technical. Creativity. Building user interfaces led me to animation, design, UI and UX. This led to a number of years studying, Motion graphics, Cinema 4D and movie making. Eventually I would come full circle, back to JavaScript and some of the 3D animation tools and libraries.

Work Experience

What are some of the experiences I’ve had during my time at work? Building teams, being in difficult situations, planning, communication, leading, learning.

Politics and Life

I often to ask myself, “How are you going to change the world today?” More on this later.


Science, Mathematics and Computing

Art and Creativity

Animation, Motion graphics and maybe a little story telling

Politics and Life

with a little work experience thrown in